Nail Polish Remover Kills

Fingernails Are Pretty

The screaming and boxing matches between my parents were too much for me. I was scared and sad all the time, and I had no means of escape. When I stumbled on a chance to end it, I took it.

“This stuff is poisonous, so go wash your hands,” my mother said, twisting the cap onto the bottle of nail polish remover.

Poisonous? Really?

I walked down the hallway and slowly entered the bathroom. I turned on the water, and pretended to wash my hands as I stared into the mirror. I said goodbye to my tiny reflection, and walked to my bedroom. I said long, tearful goodbyes my stuffed animals, and somberly knelt down in front of the window. I put my fingers in my mouth, and waited to die.

I was very upset when the poison failed to kill me. Taking more of it, or finding some other poison never crossed my tiny, little mind. Kindergartners just aren’t that smart.


One thought on “Nail Polish Remover Kills

  1. mandy

    I have read every one of your posts and I feel almost breathless. I hurt so much for the horrendous place you’ve come from. I’m blown away by your strength to create this blog, to express yourself in such an incredibly intelligent, succinct manner. You suffer terribly still, I feel it in your words. I want to cry. I had a blog before my present one I titled, Writing Through The Monsters of My Childhood. It was almost one year ago that I started it, desperate not to feel like ending my life–again. I reached out with my stories of abuse, and people reached back in loving supportive ways through their blogs, sharing their own stories. I began feeling hope. A few months ago I did some crazy thing and deleted my blog and immediately began my present one. Now I know it was meant to be, I needed to move to the next part of my journey of survival. I still struggle but I’m at a place of not feeling alone, and I feel the desire to live and do something with my remaining years. I hope you will find strength and hope in your writing journey. Again, thank you so much for sharing your painful stories. ♥

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